Friday, October 28, 2005

The vanishing of Julia Kushnir

Someone told me that there was a photograph of Julia Kushnir in yesterday's Star. If there was, then I missed it.

Julia Kushnir is slowly disappearing from our radar screen. I can only find her name in one article in today's papers. I half suspect she's just as happy about that. She got some apologies and she'll probably get more this weekend. I sincerely doubt there will be any libel proceedings. I also doubt we'll even get that statement we are supposed to get next week, but if the Sunday papers do provide sufficiently contrite (that is, front page) apologies this weekend, then I would assume Ms. Kushnir's statement to be something along the lines of 'I was wronged, but I accept the apologies'. And that will be it for the media here. And, I guess, for me too.

However, I still would like to believe the Planning Tribunal will ask her over to answer a few questions. Maybe the Gardai too.

And, if I was Nick Paton Walsh of the Guardian, I'd stay on this until I was SURE that everything we NOW know is true because if not, then Mr. Walsh would, I believe, have good grounds for pursuing libel actions himself.