Thursday, October 13, 2005

Both sides were right!

In the run-up to the Iraq War there were reasonable arguments made for and against the war. However, for a lot of people the reasonable arguments were of no interest. There was simply a lack of trust: in Bush and Blair on one side in the United Nations on the other.

The fact that the US and Britain found no WMD in Iraq served to confirm what those on the 'No' side had believed all along - that Bush and Blair were lying and couldn't be trusted. And, there's not much those on the 'Yes' side can say to them about that.

However, for those (like me) who didn't trust the United Nations the evidence is accumulating that we, too, were right. The United Nations is corrupt and its charge over the Oil-for-Food program and its veto power over restarting hostilities with Iraq were incompatible.

The arrest by French authorities of France's former Ambassador to the UN is another sign that the Oil-for-Food scandal is for real and that many of the UN's top officials were bought and paid for with Saddam's ill-gotten money. They had a vested interest in the continuation of Saddam's regime.