Thursday, October 20, 2005

Republican - bad, Democrat - . . .

Last week the Guardian ran this headline "U2 sing out against Republican's plans to bolster fighting fund at stadium gig" on an article about two politicians who have used U2 concerts as part of their fund-raising strategies. One was Republican Rick Santorum, not exactly a house-hold name in Britain and the other was Hillary Clinton. That same day the NY Times had the same story with this headline, "U2 Moves to Distance Itself From Concert Fund-Raising".

Why would the Guardian run a headline about the unnamed Republican when their readers would ALL know Hillary Clinton's name? This is just an example of the subtle (or not-so-subtle really) biases that are just about everywhere in the British & Irish press. As far as I'm concerned this is a very minor story, but still they feel the need to once again shout out that the Republicans are wrong and bury the bit about the well-known Democrat.