Sunday, October 30, 2005


The whole time I was growing up there was only one Scooter. That was Phil Rizzuto, former Yankee shortstop and member of the Yankees' broadcast team for 5 or 6 decades (or so it seemed). And, although I thought it was bizarre that everyone referred to a 60+ year old man as Scooter, I accepted it as just part of baseball. You weren't meant to take him too seriously.

Now there's a new Scooter on my television screen. Only this man's not in baseball, but working in the White House (or, should I say, worked in the White House?). This is just too much. And, hearing the President talk, in all seriousness, about a man known as Scooter is beyond the pale. Come on. Call the man Irving or Lewis, if he prefers, but not Scooter.