Thursday, October 06, 2005

Adam Smith abandoned

Students at Adam Smith college in Fife, Scotland have decided that they will not use the name 'Adam Smith' for their association or in any of their correspondence. You see, Smith is the embodiment of all that is 'evil' in the world today - "exploitation, greed, Thatcherism and Reaganite economics". The students feel that Smith doesn't represent "the values a students' association should stand for".

Look, students do dumb things. It's a well established truth. I was once an arrogant student myself. But I think I can safely say that I never engaged in an act of such grotesque stupidity as this.

Only a few months ago I was wondering why the local people don't make more of Smith, that Smith should be a big part of the tourist package. Well, I suppose it's just as well or the delicate students, the spoiled sons and daughters of Scotland, rich beyond the imagination of their great grandparents thanks in no small part to the ideas and philosophy of Adam Smith, would probably set up one of their smelly protests near every tour bus stop.