Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Julia Kushnir

Today's Irish Times claims that Julia Kushnir will be making a statement today. The paper says she's still traumatized, which is understandable. The Examiner said she'd be making a statement yesterday, so we'll have to wait and see.

I wonder if she'll be a feature in the Irish news for some time to come. Now that we know her name and the fact that she has worked as Lawlor's legal assistant and interpreter in Prague on and off for years maybe she can shed some light on Lawlor's Prague dealings, which
were the subject of extensive investigation by the Mahon Tribunal.

In more recent years, as it became clear he could do little or no business in Ireland, Prague became a second home. He was involved, it seems, in property development, though as with much of his business dealings, it'’s not clear exactly what he did or who he was involved with.
The Examiner also tells us
[i]t is known Ms Kushnir acted as a translator and adviser to Mr Lawlor for some years. She was known to the family and met the former politician's wife, Hazel, on a number of occasions.
She's obviously familiar with Ireland. I heard on the radio that she had other business contacts in Ireland. The Planning Tribunal will definitely want to talk to her.