Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Baseball on the God Channel

I haven't had a chance to watch last night's Game 3 of the World Series yet, so I don't know what happened (and I'd like to remain ignorant until this evening so I can watch it then as if it was live). However, I did get to see quite a few Astros and one member of the White Sox last night on the God Channel.

I was just scrolling through endless channels of nothing last night, as I usually do just before I turn it off for the night, when I recognized Houston's Chris Burke, who was being interviewed. None of the questions were about his hitting or fielding, however, but about his relationship with Jesus. Then we saw Andy Pettite, Dustin Hermanson (Chicago), Lance Berkman, one or two others and we ended with Adam Everett, who said that Jesus loved him unconditionally.

From what I saw of the uniforms, the interviews all took place before Game 2. I just found it so surprising that these guys made time during the pre-game preparations to discuss their faith. They all emphasized that God doesn't care who wins, but they thanked Him for having blessed them with their talents.

I actually found it pleasant, even though it's not my way. {I suspect that had it been the Mets in the Astros' shoes - down 2 games to none - a few unworthy thoughts might well have entered my head as I stared in at these ballplayers giving off an aura of peace and love.}

I was just so surprised. It's not the kind of thing you see often over here and, even if I was in the US, I think I'd have been surprised that it was right in the middle of the World Series.