Friday, October 28, 2005

Conspiracy theories

I haven't seen much online as far as Liam Lawlor conspiracy theories go. Frank touches on this topic in a post about how Lawlor made a "cadaver eccellente" for some people here. That's true; he does.

However, here's my own conspiracy theory (and, no, I don't put much stock in this and this is my own piece of fiction).

Lawlor is up to his neck in crooked property deals, helping major criminals launder their money. The state leans on Lawlor to name names, but he knows he'd be in a very bad spot if he did that. So he refuses. The state wants to offer him a witness protection option, but giving Lawlor immunity in a witness protection program is politically infeasible. The Irish public would not accept this.

So, the state offers to arrange his death so that the Irish people are convinced that Lawlor is dead. The state arranges this in Moscow, a place where the media presence is very light and where getting cooperation is easy (read affordable). Now everyone 'knows' Lawlor is dead and he can go with his new identity and start a new life somewhere. And, the state gets his books and other records and can start bringing down some of the major crime gangs that seem to be untouchable at the moment.