Monday, February 28, 2005

Not all bad news from Iraq

Katie Grant, writing in today's Scotsman, says that it's not all "bad news" from Iraq, despite the impression that the British media gives.
You would never guess that from some British media reports, which are about as cheerful as coverage of a funeral. There is no difficulty telling the difference between the BBC’s Caroline Hawley and a ray of sunshine.
Anyone who makes a habit of reading Arthur Chrenkoff knows this is true - there are a lot of positive developments in Iraq.

Of course, this makes an odd juxtaposition with today's new from Iraq, where a suicide bomber has "succeeded" in killing more than 100 people.
The blast happened outside a medical clinic in the town of Hilla, south of Baghdad, as crowds of people were lining up to receive medical certificates needed to get state jobs.
It's so sickeningly transparent that these psychopaths want anything for Iraq that doesn't involve security, civility, liberty.

I know some people have this notion that the "insurgents" are merely fighting the US occupation, a claim that is risible when they are targeting Iraqis waiting on line at a medical clinic. Others think they're trying to provoke a civil war.

However, I suspect that they're really only in it to cause mayhem and death. They simply want to go on killing. I would wager that those who organized today's attack have only a vague political agenda. I can't help thinking that any real political agenda is an after thought, a fig leaf for what is a love of death and murder.

I still believe that the Iraqi people will not be diverted from the free, secure Iraq they have in their sights now.