Saturday, February 26, 2005

More on the 'Fat Dutch Kid'

It turns out the 'Fat Dutch Kid' is not actually Dutch. He's Gary Brolsma, who's 19 and from Saddle Brook, NJ.

The NY Times reports today that Brolsma is not all that thrilled with his internet fame. It seems he'd like to sue the guy who put that video clip on the internet, except he'd have to sue himself.

Some of his friends and family think he should embrace his moment in the sun. I agree. When I first started reading I thought I was going to feel guilty for helping expand this guy's misery, but when I watched the video again I decided that he's got nothing to be embarrassed about. This is not the same as the Star Wars Kid that the Times article refers to. That is embarrassing.

Brolsma's not embarrassing himself, he's having fun. It's clear that he's really enjoying himself and his great, expressive face is what makes the video so much fun to watch. We're not laughing at him; we're joining in his good time.

We've all done silly things in front of mirrors or whatever. I remember as a kid I used to practice my pitching wind-up in front of the mirror. I liked watching myself as the left-hander that I'd always wished I'd been (lefties have a big advantage in baseball). I knew lots of guys in college who used to sing into desk lamps while strumming their T Squares (those engineers!). Anyone who's ever done something ridiculous like that can understand what Brolsma's doing.

Brolsma needs to relax. In ten years, he'll be proud of this small accomplishment.