Thursday, August 07, 2003


I know I've read articles by Niall Stanage before and I've even had e-mails from him with regards to articles of his that have ended up on the Newshound. However, I had no feel for his views (other than with regards to N. Ireland) and was surprised when I read this piece by him in Sunday's Sunday Business Post.

He discusses Europe's view of America in light of a recent poll. I kept waiting for the kicker to come, but what came was a very positive rendering of America's role in the world.

Here's my favorite quote:

The world will always be a violent place. It will always contain dictators, autocrats and murderous opportunists who will seek power and its spoils without regard for the death and suffering of others. And when such malevolent figures arise, they will not, frankly, have their plans thwarted by European do-gooders with a peace flag in one hand and a sheaf of Noam Chomsky essays in the other.

I had stopped buying the SBP for a while as it was really annoying me. If Stanage is a regular there, I will feel safe to return to buying what is, in fact, a must read paper for anyone involved in small business.