Wednesday, August 20, 2003

DSL - do it yourself

I got my DSL through utvinternet. It took two weeks longer than it should have, but so far I'm happy enough.

My advice - if you're going with Eircom, don't pay to have someone install it for you. It's really easy - not as hard as getting a printer to work from my experience. All you have to know is a) how to click in a phone line and b) how to find your CD drive when installing the driver.

Eircom is now offering a "modem not included" connection for €99. I paid the same amount, but got a USB modem included. Unless I'm misreading this page, Eircom is charging an additional €145.20 for a USB modem. Here's a site selling USB DSL modems. None of them costs anywhere near €145. UTVInternet provided - free - the ZyXEL listed here for €95.

Netsource is also cheaper than Eircom. I believe ESATBT is as well. Shop around, don't be afraid, do it yourself.