Monday, August 25, 2003

Irish Times

I have complained about the Irish Times as much as anyone in the past few years, so today I want to compliment the paper. Friday's edition (which I only got around to reading on Sunday) had three excellent columns and was easily worth the purchase price.

(All links below require a subscription.)

First, economist Jim O'Leary from NUI Maynooth had a great, simple explanation of the pluses and minuses of fiscal policy vs. exchange and interest rate policies and the effect EMU has had on our ability to use these to our benefit. If you're an economist, this is probably over-simplified, but I thought it was a great summary.

Second, Edward Walsh, President Emeritus, University of Limerick, on the problems associated with a university system that is totally dominated by the state.

And, third, Kevin Myers on the gloomy, but realistic reasons why Ireland should support the US in the war on terror.

I could be imagining things, but I think that the Irish Times has tacked ever-so-slightly back towards the center (from just left of Mao) in the past couple of months. Maybe it's a hopeful sign?