Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Ombudsman for Children

"For a long time now, there have been calls for an ombudsman for children" {need RealPlayer}. That's how Aine Lawlor introduced Frances Spillane, of the National Children's Advisory Council to talk about the upcoming interviews for the Ombudsman post. Further on, Ms. Lawlor claimed that the Ombudsman is "a very important role, one that there has been a huge demand for". What?! What huge demand?

I've been a father for all 12 years I've lived in Ireland, I have never once thought to myself that we need an ombudsman for children. I have never even heard anyone suggest that we needed anything of the kind. I obviously don't move in the same circles as those who work in RTE.

And, is it RTE's function to tell me whether a new government role is "important"? I happen to think that an Ombudsman for Children is the opposite of important. Frivolous, intrusive, and potentially anti-family are some of the things I would imagine an Ombudsman for Children will be.

This is the sort of thing that goes on all the time at RTE. RTE is funded by taxpayer's money and they're telling me that spending more taxpayer money is a good thing. They're telling me that the government knows best. I happen not to accept that and resent having to pay to be told that. The sooner the government gets out of providing news the better.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the interviews for the position of Ombudsman will be conducted in part, by children. Am I the only one living in this state who feels like throwing up when hearing such things? PLEASE!