Monday, August 11, 2003

More on Wi-Fi & O'Reilly

Dick O'Brien provides a few more details on the problems with Wi-Fi, particularly as an investment and in particular, the business model currently being employed here. He also takes me to task for insinuating that the Independent is soft on Eircom because of T. O'Reilly pressure. He has a point and I was too flippant.

However, it has been my impression that the Sunday Independent in particular, has not subjected Eircom to the same level of scrutiny with regards to its customer satisfaction as it has with other Irish monopolies, dualopolies. (I'm thinking about ESB, Aer Lingus & the banks.)

Again, that's been my impression, which could have more to do with the fact that Eircom's sluggishness in expanding DSL or even providing for a flat-rate 56K internet services was more frustrating for me than anything that ESB, Aer Lingus or the banks were doing.