Friday, November 28, 2003

Women's lives in Iraq

From another Iraqi blogger:
Actually, if we follow up the opinions of Iraqi women from April till now we can divide them into 3 stages:
First stage: they were very happy as they got rid from Saddam
Second stage: they were happy with the improvement for their economic status, but worried, as there were many robberies and hearing bad news about the crimes daily. And that made to compare between the current life and the ex-regime, here there was a doubt about the future.
NOW: about all of them emphasize on the prosperous life waiting for them as the crimes decreased obviously and people can stay for late hours at night.
So, there isn’t even one point to be compared with life under Saddam.
We are very thankful to the countries who have liberated us BY THE WILL OF USA.
I can assert that Iraq will be a great exemplar in the area.
Obviously, I have no idea how representative this passage is, but the fact that even one Iraqi thinks this way should at least cause those who are most vehemently anti-Bush to consider whether he was right after all. If you're skeptical of Bush, the Americans and their motives, then campaign on behalf of the Iraqi people not against the war or Bush. Demand he fulfil his promises (I believe he will).

Remember, December 10 is the date of the anti-terrorism demonstrations in Iraq.