Friday, November 21, 2003

Aided and abetted

Dick doesn't see how yesterday's march "aided and abetted" Saddam. Here's how.

Saddam is currently at the head of the group(s) attacking the troops, aid agencies and "collaborationists" in Iraq. Saddam knows as well as anyone that he cannot win this fight militarily. His only hope is that a demoralized citizenry in the countries whose troops are engaged in Iraq will demand their recall before peace and stability are established. If that were to happen, Saddam could, theoretically, return to power — probably only after winning a brutal civil war.

Given that this is Saddam's ONLY hope, how can yesterday's march be anything other than a propaganda coup for his ambitions, even if that was not the intention of most of those who marched? The purpose of the march was to undermine the justfication for the war and the current policies with regards to Iraq. Therefore, the march aided and abetted Saddam.

Frank adds more to the debate with a good analysis of the ante and post war positons of those who marched yesterday.