Thursday, November 27, 2003

"Traffic calming"

You know it's getting near the end of the year when the local councils are all rushing to waste, err, sorry about that, "invest" your taxes and mine in useless, silly projects because they don't want to get stuck with any left-over money from this year's budget. For example, in the past few weeks roadworks have torn up the road in Killiney Village in order to add "traffic calming" installations. If there is a place in Ireland that doesn't need "traffic calming" it's Killiney Village.

By the time you get to Killiney Village, you're lucky to be moving at all, let alone speeding. Steep inclines and twisty roads are not conducive to excessive speeds. And, from my observation, these traffic calming measures have actually made the road much more dangerous. I won't be surprised when at least some of them are removed in the new year.

Another one of my favorites are the red brick speed ramps (bumps) and paths (sidewalks). Nothing but the best for the people of Bray, I suppose.