Thursday, November 06, 2003

Boston Irish & Puritans

I was going to leave the blog for today and not mention baseball for a few months (What?! I didn't tell you that the New York Yankees were beaten in the World Series? How neglectful of me.), but this article from CNN is too good to pass up or even delay posting. There are just so many good quotes here:
  • To be a Red Sox fan is to understand what it must be like to be the abused partner in a bad relationship.
  • While this year's Red Sox were conspicuous for the camaraderie and closeness of the teammates, the Yankees, too, are like family. The Macbeths, the Borgias and the Mansons.
There are others. It's worth reading in its entirety.

{Thanks to the Irish Elk for this. And, there's an Irish history angle too for those who are not really baseball fans.}