Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Sometimes I just wonder about the teachers' unions. They're up in arms - again - about ratemyteachers.ie. The unions are "seeking legal advice" as to what they can do about this web site.

Teachers with one year, full-time service are untouchable. They can't be fired, nobody reviews how they do their jobs, and promotions, etc. are essentially made on the basis of seniority. This is the first little ray of light that has been allowed to shine on the work of individual teachers.

What I find really odd is that for the most part the comments at ratemyteachers.ie are positive. All those teachers who make a big effort, who are committed to teaching our children should be heartened by this development. For the first time they're not being lumped in with the lazy, contemptuous minority who hate their jobs and make no effort to educate those who sit in front of them.

The unions' complaints are so asinine that they have me agreeing with Oisin O'Reilly, vice-president of the Union of Secondary Students. And, believe me when I tell you that I have a long history of never agreeing with student leaders.