Friday, April 18, 2008

End of the party

Who is Ciaran Cannon? I never heard of him until a couple of days ago when I heard that he'd won the day and become the new leader of the Progressive Democrats. In contrast, I had heard of Fiona O'Malley, who Cannon defeated to become leader of the PD's.

Everyone seems to believe that it's only a matter of time before the PD's simply vanish. I doubt 'everyone' is wrong. The funny thing is, I was actually a little happy when I heard that Cannon had defeated O'Malley. Why? Well, mostly because I'm not a fan of O'Malley as I've written before. I guess I have this fading, vague hope that Cannon will revive the PD's only without the hip social policies and the (sometimes virulent) anti-Catholicism.

So, until I learn otherwise, I'll wish Cannon well, but whether I like what he has to say or not, I think his party's doomed.