Thursday, April 24, 2008

Earth Day

The other day was Earth Day. I somehow missed it. Oh well.

Whenever I think about Earth Day I think back about 20 years. I had driven up to Harriman State Park for a picnic and decided I'd drive back the slow route with a stop at Bear Mountain. Mistake.

That day Bear Mountain was the venue for an annual Earth Day concert. The place was full of filthy people, driving gas-guzzling cars (not that I had a problem with gas guzzling cars, but I didn't go to Earth Day concerts either). And, it was a mess. Really. Litter everywhere. I was going to say that I couldn't believe it, but I believed it all too well. It was exactly how I expected people going to an Earth Day concert to behave.

Sure they were 'environmentalists', but that meant that they wanted you to cut back, clean up and drastically change your ways. It didn't mean that they were going to sacrifice. That's how I saw environmentalists then and my views haven't changed much since then.