Thursday, April 03, 2008

Holodomor - "Loony fable"

Alexander Solzhenitsyn claims President Bush has fallen for a "loony fable". The "loony fable" has to do with the Ukrainian famine of 1932-33.
Without mentioning Bush by name, Solzhenitsyn said the famine had "mown down" not only Ukrainians but millions of ordinary citizens across the Soviet Union. Many of the communists who orchestrated it were in fact Ukrainian, he added.

"This provocative outcry about genocide ... has been elevated to the top government level in contemporary Ukraine. Does this mean that they have even outdone the Bolshevik propaganda mongers with their rakish juggling?" Solzhenitsyn asked.
I don't care what you call it, Stalin orchestrated the famine to punish the Ukrainians for believing that Ukraine should be separate from the USSR. According to the CBC:
Ukraine officially became part of the U.S.S.R. in 1922. When Stalin assumed power in Moscow in 1927, he decided to make an example of Ukraine's "harmful nationalism." Stalin engineered a famine in 1932-33 that killed an estimated seven million people. Executions and the deportation of intellectuals further depopulated the country. Stalin also went after Ukraine's churches and cathedrals.
A 1988 American Commission found that "Joseph Stalin and those around him committed genocide against Ukrainians".

Walter Duranty has a new spiritual ally among the Nobel prize winners. I can only hope that Solzhenitsyn, who is over 90, is slipping mentally because he's the loony tune here.