Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Backing up

Nearly half of all computer users don't back up their data.
While 76 percent of survey respondents haven't lost data in the past six months, 24 percent have. Reasons for data loss include system crash (11 percent); accidental deleting (9 percent); virus (9 percent); lack of organization (3 percent); and other (2 percent).
As someone who's been recently burned by two of these disasters - system crash and accidental deleting - I can tell you it's a real pain when it happens. Of course, I actually thought I had backed up more than I had, which only compounds the frustration. So, now I'm preaching back-up to anyone who'll listen.

And, don't just back up the "vital" files. I didn't lose too much stuff that I couldn't afford to lose, but I lost things I didn't value properly, such as photographs, etc. Those things are important too. Thankfully, because the pc was nearly brand new I only lost a few pictures and a couple of other files.

If I can make a recommendation, get Syncback. It's simply an amazing program and it's free.