Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Great weekend

Even the death of my laptop cannot take the glow off the weekend in Donoughmore, Co. Cork. It was a great time. Loads of youth baseball built around a game between the Irish National team and a 'selection' of other available players. There were some good players in the 'selection', but there were some weaker players too. I have to admit I was desperate to get in there and give it a go despite the fact that I'm 25 pounds over my playing weight and 25 years past my sell-by date.

As for our team, well, we won all our games and the kids all got gold medals. Thrilled doesn't half cover their reaction. We had a lot of stars, but our big pitcher was a boy from New Jersey, who is in Ireland for just six months or so. He was practically unhittable.

It wasn't just the baseball that was good. In truth, the baseball paled in comparison with the hospitality of our hosts. And, of course, the weather couldn't have been better. If anything it was too hot. I've come home looking like a human candy cane.