Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Promoting tourism

Interesting question: which is a more worthy event for Fálte Ireland's tourism promotion money - the Ryder Cup or the Ploughing Championships? The Ploughing Championships get very little assistance despite the fact that
[t]his year's event attracted a record-breaking crowd of 225,000 to Tullow, Co Carlow, making it the biggest rural event of the year and providing a massive boost for the local economy, said National Ploughing Association managing director, Anna May McHugh.

By incorporating the world ploughing contest this year, it brought in visitors from 27 countries, including Tasmania, Finland, Britain, Sweden, Canada and New Zealand.
I'd like to imagine that Fáilte Ireland knows what it's doing and isn't just wasting my (and all taxpayers') money, but I'm skeptical. I'd rather the government got out of the business of picking winners and losers for investment.