Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Italians in Boston (& elsewhere across America, presumably) thought they were getting a chance to see, touch, have their pictures taken with THE World Cup. They paid $5 for the privilege. Boston's Mayor Menino kissed the trophy and other politicians posed for photographs with it. However, the trophy that made it to Boston is a fake.

Anheuser-Busch, sponsor of the fake trophy's tour, released a statement "insisting that the gold-plated dome is just as important in Italy as the real deal". If this is true, then why didn't they leave the fake in Italy and tour the real trophy? And, why claim to be "proudly hosting the FIFA World Cup Trophy in six cities around the United States, including St. Louis; New York; Boston; Washington, D.C.; Miami; and Chicago".

I can't understand what FIFA or Anheuser-Busch are doing sending a copy of the trophy around the US all the while pretending it's the real deal. I hope Tony Soprano is looking into this matter.