Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hey Fred, can you hear me?

Lizzie and Paul Gibbons were supposed to be back in Ireland by now, but they decided to spend one last year in New York. Why? Because they wanted to see how the Mets fared this season. Well, they were richly rewarded.

Fred Wilpon, owner of the Mets, was touched by the couple's tale when he read about them in the Daily News. He decided to give the couple a pair of tickets to tonight's Game 2, but they had already bought tickets so he offered them a refund.
"We were very grateful," said Paul Gibbons, who works in construction. "But I nearly told him to keep his money and get me tickets for the World Series!"
Gibbons's friend, Conor O'Sullivan, also from Ireland, would probably have liked his friends' free tickets.
"It's easier to get a green card than a ticket for the playoffs," O'Sullivan quipped. "Who do I have to marry to get a playoff ticket?"
Hey Fred, if you need a feel-good story with an Irish angle to go along with the Mets' (so far) magical season, go ahead and send me a couple of tickets. The headlines will write themselves when the press hears my sad story.