Thursday, October 12, 2006

Death of Cory Lidle

Odd, sad story. We'll probably never definitively know what happened. I can't believe that small planes are still allowed to fly over and along Manhattan. Maybe the threat from small planes is not considered to be too great? I don't know, but that fire roaring in the upper levels of that apartment building sure looked serious.

I watched CNN and Sky News last night, but by far the best coverage of this story that I found was on WFAN, New York's all sports talk radio station. I have to admit that Mike & the Mad Dog, two guys who drive me nuts, did an excellent job of piecing together the background to what happened. Great interviews with people who knew Lidle and a former NTSB investigator.

On Monday, Lidle was on with Mike & the Mad Dog defending himself after this article appeared in the NY Daily News. The discussion was pretty contentious and I thought Lidle was uncomfortable, angry and confused when he finished. When I heard about the crash yesterday, I had this vague thought that he might have committed suicide figuring that you never know what might push people over the edge. I just thought his failure in the Yankees' season-ender on Saturday and the interview may have caused something to snap. Nobody has mentioned it as a possibility yet so I figure there's nothing to it.

The interviews are still available on the WFAN web site.