Saturday, June 19, 2004


Went to see the movie Troy yesterday. {And, no, it's not actually about the birthplace of Uncle Sam, Troy, NY, which is near where I grew up}. I like movies, but I don't go often. Yesterday was my first time at a movie since I saw Gangs of New York, which must have been at least 18 months ago. It was also the first time I saw Brad Pitt in the cinema, although I've seen a couple of his movies on t.v.

My verdict is that the acting is pretty stiff at times, but the battle scenes are pretty good. Pitt does a good job playing the hero Achilles - at least when he's fighting.

Overall I enjoyed the movie, which is all I'm asking for when I pay for my ticket (and at €8 per ticket - it had better be entertaining}. I'm not looking to be intellectually stimulated, just entertained. I can live with the fact that a 10 year timeline was condensed into two fun-filled weeks of mayhem. A belated thumbs up, is my verdict.

{One other thing - I had never heard of the actress Diane Kruger who played Helen before. She's pretty enough, but I'm not sure she measured up to "the face that launched a thousand ships".