Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Just heard on Newstalk that Bono apparently reads this blog. Yeah, he followed my advice and didn't vote last week. I haven't found this story online yet, but according to Newstalk, Bono was too busy wetting his vocal cords in a local hostelry to find time to cast his ballot.

Rumors are circulating that he was heard to slur the following:
That guy who writes the Irish Eagle's got it covered. Whatever he says, I agree with. He should get a lot more votes because he's voting for all of us who can't be bothered today.
{UPDATE: based on a couple of e-mails I've had, I think I should clarify that I'm the only one circulating these rumors - I don't know what Bono was slurring last Friday. And, I have no reason to suspect he reads this blog - I was just being silly. Sometimes I just can't convey that with the written text.

However, I'm not wrong about what I heard on Newstalk. Bono was, supposedly, in a hotel bar and forgot to vote. Someone from the press - Ireland on Sunday, I believe - asked him about it at 9:05pm. Bono then said he was going to go vote right then, but of course the polls were closed. I still haven't been able to find any reference to this story online. Maybe Newstalk was wrong? I wish I had a copy of Ireland on Sunday.}