Friday, June 25, 2004


It seems the city of Houston is less than enamored with their new light rail system. Only 7.5 miles of track is in operation, but already the city's drivers have been involved in a large number of accidents with the on-street trains. Houston's transit officials say the explanation for the high number of accidents is that Houstonians are bad drivers.

Well, I sincerely doubt that the drivers of Houston are any worse than Dublin's drivers, many of whom seem to believe that traffic regulations do not apply to them. Light rail in Dublin could be a match made in hell.

So far, most people seem pretty up beat about the LUAS, but that could change. Dubliners' views of the new LUAS system may soon be similar to Houstonians' if there are more accidents and/or if LUAS develops a reputation as a traffic jam generator.

{Questions: is it "the" LUAS or just LUAS? & Is it LUAS or Luas?}