Tuesday, June 15, 2004

CBS & Kevin Myers

Kevin Myers says he doesn't understand America {sub reqd.} at all after watching CBS's coverage of the D-Day ceremonies. Myers may be right, but not for the reasons he states.

Myers claims that CBS's
failure to report the vast contribution of other countries, most especially the UK, the only military ally of substance that the US now possesses in the entire world, must represent some unintentional but massively important cultural statement about the US: that Americans genuinely don't see other people if they share the picture with Americans.
Well, maybe Kevin's right, but maybe he's not right too.

CBS, along with the other major news networks (excepting FOX), is keen for John Kerry to win the election in November. Every news bulletin is influenced by this desire. If CBS were to heap praise on the British for their role in the D-Day landings, that would generate possible linkages in the minds of viewers with today's Iraq situation.

Everyone in America knows that Britain is the only other major ally in Iraq. What sort of conclusions might CBS's viewers draw if they realized that this massive operation and fundamentally good operation (D-Day) was basically the work of the US and Britain alone? The average Joe Schmo might just think something along the lines of, "Wow, even back then it was just America and Britain . . .".

CBS couldn't allow that to happen, so better to ignore that reality and just focus on the American contribution. I'm sure there was at least one picture of all the world leaders there. That one picture would be intended to convey to the viewing public that D-Day was a huge undertaking with many, many allies taking part and we're telling you about the American effort.

Kevin Myers needs to go back to that broadcast with his political lenses on and see if he can detect CBS's real intent.