Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Great game

I've been doing a lot of talking about soccer lately. Most of it negative, but some positive. But, on Sunday, I saw the last twenty minutes of what is likely to be the most exciting sporting event in Europe this year - the Munster Hurling Final. I only wish I could have seen all of it. Unfortunately, I was out with the family on Sunday afternoon and missed the first half and the beginning of the second half. What I saw was simply fantastic and what I missed was apparently equally great.
This was a game which sung, a match which was decorated with moments of art and lines of pure poetry. The day was haunted by wind and threatened by rain, and still they slung scores over with the insouciance of men tossing water out of buckets.Tom Humphries {sub. only}

I'm not a huge fan of Gaelic Football, although I do watch it when I can. Hurling is another story, however. A good hurling match is as good as any televised sporting spectacle. Being at the game is even better.