Thursday, June 03, 2004


I don't know what to make of the Ahmed Chalabi situation, but I'm really surprised that John Kerry hasn't been all over this one. Chalabi is a perfect illustration of what to me is the single biggest failing of the Bush Administration - its inability to get various government departments to work together. I can understand how during the 90s, when things were fairly peaceful the CIA, State Department and Defense Departments were allowed to drift a little too far from one another, but the attacks on September 11 should have ensured that far less leeway was allowed for interdepartmental rivalry to undermine US efforts.

The President has spectacularly failed on that one. The CIA and State Department didn't trust Chalabi at all and the Defense Department thought he was a great guy. Now we're all wondering if Chalabi was an Iranian agent or if he's being hung out to dry by those governmental elements that never liked him in the first place.

Jon also notes that there may be other angles than the one that the NY Times went with yesterday.