Saturday, June 27, 2009

What if Michael Jackson was a Catholic priest?

I always thought Michael Jackson was creepy - major league creepy. I still cannot understand how any parent allowed their child to get near him. Was he a pedophile? I don't know, but if I hear people saying so in the next few days I sure as heck won't immediately dismiss them.

What's been annoying me is the attitude in the press (& the Irish Examiner is pretty representative of what I've seen in the Irish & British press this morning) that seems to say, "Sure he may have molested boys, but (a) he had a tough childhood and (b) the music was sooo good that we can overlook his dark side." What? How many people would accept the following in a newspaper editorial: "Yes the allegations of child abuse were unseemly, but he was a gifted priest and ..."?