Monday, June 08, 2009

Nobody would take Irish & Polish

I know, I know. The Leaving Cert is on my brain. It's hard to believe how much your child's Leaving Cert takes over your life. Your whole family's life.

At least I'm gaining some insight into another aspect of Irish life. Today I found out that the Polish exam was scheduled for the same time as Irish.

I guess the state assumes that all the Polish students here either came after they were 12 and, thus, can opt out of Irish or that they haven't reached Leaving Cert age yet. Well, I heard about one poor boy who has to do his Polish exam after his Irish. And those two are following a morning of Math. That makes about nine hours of exams this kid has to endure today and he has to be ready for another 3'20" of Irish in the morning. It seems so cruel and unnecessary.

The number of kids doing Polish and Irish is only going to rise rapidly in the coming years. Same goes for all the other E. European languages. Would be a good idea to consider the possibility that some children are going to need to take both Irish and Polish exams and set schedule accordingly.