Thursday, June 04, 2009

I'm not "the quality"

Our local gentry are getting special treatment at the polling booth tomorrow, according to the local free sheet the Wicklow Times. Apparently those who live on the Kilruddery Estate, including Lord & Lady Meath will have their own special polling station. The Wicklow Times says that Lord & Lady Meath and the other 28 or so people who live on the estate - extended family - have their own polling station and when they're done voting that box is opened in private, unlike all the other boxes.

Actually it's not quite as bad as that sounds. The Meaths' little place lies just outside the town boundaries, so they don't get to vote in the local town election. That explains the separate polling station. And there is a law that says any box containing fewer than 50 votes must be opened in private.

So disappointing. I was looking forward to being outraged.