Tuesday, June 02, 2009

E-Day comes before D-Day

I never heard of The Messenger (not to be confused with the Sacred Heart Messenger) until yesterday when I received a copy of the Wicklow Election Guide '09 through my door. The Messenger is a local paper for Gorey in Wexford and Arklow in Wicklow.

Anyway ...

The first sentence of the introduction to their guide is
D-Day will be the 5th of June once again, but this year they won't be hitting the beaches, they'll be prowling the polling stations, as candidates ....
Oops. D-Day was the 6th of June (and yeah, I know it was originally supposed to be the 5th, but in the end it wasn't.)

Regardless, the guide is kind of useful. It would have been a whole lot more useful if it had spelled out where the various candidates differ. From what I can tell they all want the same things. Or they tell you nothing of what they would do if elected. Two or three candidates have called to the door and I couldn't tell you one thing that any of them said that wasn't said by the others. 'Vote for me, I live nearby' is a summary of what they all seem to have to say.