Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Soccer players in the NFL

Today's Guardian discusses soccer players who played in the NFL. In my mind every kicker who played in the late 70s had adopted the "soccer style" and most seemed to be ex-soccer players. {The focus of the article was guys who had been pro soccer players, but it got me thinking about NFL kickers generally.)

Jan Stenerud started the "soccer style" craze, although Stenerud was actually a ski jumper (this seemed to get a mention once a season).

Efren Herrera and Garo Yepremian are two other guys who I assume were ex-soccer players who aren't mentioned in the article. I have no idea at what point in their soccer careers they abandoned soccer for the NFL, but these guys always seemed totally out of their depth when something came up that required that they perform as regular football players. (Although I do seem to recall that the Seattle Seahawks employed Herrera in a couple of trick plays where he had to catch a pass.)

I'm kind of surprised that the Guardian didn't mention Mick Luckhurst, who had a fairly successful career with the Falcons before he started annoying Irish soccer fans during the 1990 World Cup.