Friday, January 12, 2007

"Shaped the minds" of Irish schoolchildren

I belatedly found this article written by Kim Bielenberg in last Saturday's Irish Independent. Bielenberg shares my 'unease' that Albert Folens was publishing books for schoolchildren, which is a completely different matter than if he'd been allowed into Ireland to work in a meat factory or as a shop assistant.
Chillingly, one of the Belgian Nazis, Albert Folens, helped to shape the minds of generations of Irish schoolchildren as one of the country's leading publishers of school textbooks.
Even if "he absolutely refused to pledge an oath of allegiance to Hitler" as Mrs Folens claims in her court papers filed yesterday, that doesn't change the fact that Folens was a Belgian who collaborated with the Nazis. He then came to Ireland to "shape the minds of generations of Irish schoolchildren". Chilling is definitely the right word.