Saturday, November 25, 2006

We Are … ND

Notre Dame plays a big game tonight against USC (Setanta Sports 1, 1am). Today's NY Times provides some insight into the financial strength of the Fighting Irish program.
The university generated $61.4 million in football revenue and spent $17.9 million, according to a 2005-6 filing under the federal Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act. During the same filing period, U.S.C. generated $27.7 million and spent almost the same amount as Notre Dame.

… Notre Dame's deal with NBC is worth $9 million a year through 2010. Ken Schanzer, the president of NBC Universal Sports, said the network's commitment to the Irish was stronger than ever. He said the team's performance on the field this season has led to a second consecutive year of strong ratings.

"There are only a few legendary sports brands, and Notre Dame is among them," Schanzer said. "When they perform well, they become more significant. Notre Dame is everyone's second alma mater, or in some cases anti-alma mater. But they are an entry point to college football for committed and casual fans."