Thursday, November 02, 2006

Positive test

I know I said that this post would be the last time I mentioned the Mets for months, but yesterday's news that the Mets' Guillermo Mota has failed a drugs test changed my mind. At the time the Mets acquired Mota (Aug. 20) they were already 14 games clear of the field and cruising to the post-season. Nothing Mota did in the final six weeks changed the final standings.

However, he was an instrumental member of the team during the playoffs. He wasn't outstanding by any measure, but he did get some key outs. If the Mets had actually gone on to win it all, I can't help thinking that their title would have been tainted by Mota's positive test. I'm sure most Met fans would not agree with me, but I'm kind of relieved that the Mets didn't win the World Series this year.