Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gas prices

Well, no, I didn't mean what I'm paying at the pump, although I have to admit it's nice to see prices of unleaded below the €1 per liter mark. Keep it coming down. We need to warm the Earth even more because …

The price of natural gas has exploded. I know it was in the news a while back, but it's when you get your own bill you really see it. What was 2.994c per KWh (.26c per m³) is now 4.005c per KWh (.35c per m³). That's a 33.4% increase - Yikes. {Oops - it's a 33.8% increase.)

{Memo to children: prepare to don another sweater because when winter finally hits it will be cool in the house. As for showering, let's cut back on that too.}