Friday, November 03, 2006

'Because I'm worth it'

"I think the salary is sufficient for the job we do. We wouldn't be paid more than a carpenter or electrician". The salary is "sufficient" as far as Noel Dempsey is concerned. I guess he doesn't feel that our public representatives are underpaid at more than €100,000 per annum.
The average basic wage for a TD reached exactly €100,000 this year, and next year it goes up to €103,500. The Dail will only sit for 97 days this year – though that is five more than last year. If that sitting ratio continues in 2007, TDs will pick up €1,070 per sitting day.
Uggh. And, sometime in the not-too-distant-future we'll read/hear one of our 'sufficiently-salaried' TD's moan about the hours they work, etc. What I especially love is how they go on and on about how it's "out of our hands" meaning that it's an All-party decision to overpay our representatives.

(Pardon me now while I go scream in a sound-proofed room.)