Monday, November 20, 2006

It me

I get the whole spam motivation. Basically, spammers are trying to seduce you with their promises of, well, money and women I guess. Seduce isn't the right word, however. There's really no subtlety, no seduction. It's a continuous bombardment in the hope of finding that one little weakness - it might be just a moment - when something in the look or the language just catches you wrong and you follow the malevolent instructions.

So, this is what I don't get. If you're involved in spamming as your life's work, shouldn't you at least try to ensure that you're using English either correctly or as it's spoken? For the past week I've been inundated with messages (over 300 a day) that have as their subject "It me {a name}". "It me?" Does anyone say this? Is there really even the vaguest possibility that any English-speaker anywhere would take such an e-mail seriously?

I know I should be grateful that they've made it so easy for me to filter out these messages, but the gross stupidity of that subject line is really annoying me.