Monday, November 20, 2006

Murdering black pudding

Remember last month when I declared that I enjoy black pudding. I didn't think that was too odd a position until I read this:
Black pudding is about as carnivorous as it gets - fresh pig's blood and ox intestines go into a Lancashire speciality which was narrowly edged out by tripe and jellied eels in a recent survey of the dishes which the British find least palatable.
That simply cannot be true? How could people dislike black pudding so much that it's even included in the same sentence as jellied eels and tripe? Those people included in that survey don't know what they're talking about.

So, now we have a vegetarian version of black pudding. This is more palatable?
The Real Lancashire company's owner, Andrew Holt, explains how he substituted the meaty elements - blood, fat and ox intestines - of the pudding. We tried to make a liquid which would simulate the properties of blood and get the right colour as well. We used beetroot and caramel for the colouring, with GM-free whey and soya powders for the protein.
It definitely is NOT.