Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Right Nation

Sure takes me a long time to finish a book sometimes. I get sidetracked, mostly when the pile of newspapers tops 3' in height. Anyway, I thought Right Nation was excellent – thorough, well-structured and easy-to read. Essentially the book is a summary of the various elements of the American conservative movement and why it's been so successful.

A lot of what the book offered was familiar, but even that was fine due to the manner that it was presented by the two British journalists (John Micklethwait & Adrian Woolridge). Any "right"-thinking American living in Britain or Ireland would devour this book. And, it should be required reading for those who work in the media here – might help cut down on the amount of misrepresentation of American Republicans/conservatives that are such a regular feature of news reports.

I'm sure anyone with an interest in American politics would enjoy the book. (Or at least, find it interesting. I would imagine that if you think George W. Bush is the devil incarnate you might not enjoy reading about the movement that elected him twice.) And, conservatives in the US would find it useful too, particularly where the authors note the differences between American and British or European conservativism.