Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Fight at the funeral

Is it inappropriate to find this story amusing? I hope not because it's got me chuckling.

A family feud broke out into a fully-fledged fight at a funeral near Kilkenny yesterday.
At one stage, a female mourner was standing on a pew screaming obscenities while holding a Yorkshire terrier dog in her hands.

. . . Three altar boys looked on in silence, afraid about what was going to happen next.
The altar boys were obviously not from the same family as the deceased.

Still, it wasn't a total surprise when fisticuffs broke out, although maybe nobody figured it would happen in the church during the ceremony.
On Sunday night at her removal, up to 40 members of the Travelling community were involved in a fight at the funeral home.

Gardai wearing riot gear entered the home and arrested five men. Two were taken to hospital.