Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Black Americans & the immigration rallies

I've been kind of wondering how black Americans are reacting to the immigration reform marches. I hadn't read anything that indicated that there was any real opposition to the immigrants' campaign and I'd seen Jesse Jackson, a congressman or two and other black leaders speaking at some of the rallies. I had seen this article in the NY Times, but the Times's piece only talked about how some black academics and politicians felt "unease" about the campaign.

Yet, apparently there is a wide gulf between what people like Jesse Jackson are saying and what's being heard on Chicago's radio station WVON, "an interactive forum for the African-American community". According to the Sun-Times WVON talkshow hosts Roland Martin and Cliff Kelley "have been fielding angry calls on the topic for weeks on end". A recent national poll indicated that two thirds of black voters want the level of immigration reduced.

I actually find this unsurprising, but it sure hasn't been mentioned too frequently in the Times or Washington Post.